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9 April 2020

The Report of the Human Rights Ombudsman for Saint Petersburg for 2019 (hereinafter – “the Report”) is submitted pursuant to the Law of Saint Petersburg of 17 December 1997 No 227-77 “On the Human Rights Ombudsman for Saint Petersburg” (hereinafter – “the Law on the Ombudsman”).

6 November 2019

The Report is submitted to the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, and it is published and is available on the internet. The Ombudsman also transmits his Report to the authorities responsible for implementation of recommendations made in the Report.

5 March 2018

In 2017 serious problems persisted as to respect of the right to freedom of expression, of assembly and association, of the right to information, and other fundamental constitutional rights. The number of applications to the Ombudsman seeking protection of social and health rights has raised. As in previous years, there were a lot of complaints about inaction and red-tapery of law enforcement agencies

8 March 2017

A number of recommendations contained in the Report for 2015 were duly considered and implemented in 2016. However, many recommendations of the Ombudsman are being ignored and thus remain relevant, which is mentioned in corresponding chapters of the Report.

13 April 2021

The number of complaints and other applications brought to the Ombudsman is one of important indexes reflecting human rights situation. In 2015 the number of complaints in connection with social and economic rights, and, in particular, with housing and healthcare increased significantly.

13 April 2021

The report is based on analysis of information received from state authorities, non-governmental organizations (hereafter – NGOs), mass media publications as well as field inspections. However, like in the past years, individual complaints remain at the core of the Ombudsman’s activity.

13 April 2021

The report outlines current issues of human rights and freedoms in Saint Petersburg, includes information about the work of the Ombudsman and his Office aimed at redressing human rights violations, assistance in bringing legislation in line with human rights standards, improvement of law enforcement and administrative procedures.